Oct 6, 2008

Picture No.15 From Our Vacation

After Sunset from Snoring bay, Sucia Island

Oct 5, 2008

Picture No.14 From Our Vacation

Rob-san and me on Sucia Island (our sail boat behind)

Rob-san and I had our 3rd wedding anniversary on September 23 '08!

On our anniversary day, we motored to Deer Harbor, Orcas Island
from Jones Island. (There was no winds...)
We took a shower, did laundry, had polish hotdogs we bought
at the small shop in the harbor for lunch, and hitchhiked a car
to do grocery shopping in Eastsound and came back to the harbor
by taxi. We chose to eat out for anniversary dinner.
We walked to Deer Harbor Inn and we had king crab's legs as
appetizer. After that he had halibut and I had smoked salmon fettucine.
We finished a bottle of white wine. And desert was chocolate cheesecake!
Wonderful wonderful dinner!

Orcas Island is where we stayed for a few days for our honeymoon
3 years ago. That is why he chose to be there on our anniversary day.

Thank you so much for the wonderful anniversary day, Rob-san!

Picture No.13 From Our Vacation

Our dinghy (made in Japan!), a part of Sucia Island behind

Our sailboat towed this dinghy which we used to go to beaches
and explore shorelines. In any wave conditions, without complaining,
it followed our boat! Good job!

Picture No.12 From Our Vacation

Wing & Wing by our sails

Picture No.11 From Our Vacation

The boat our boat "ate" on the way to Sucia Island from Shaw Island

Oct 4, 2008

Picture No.10 From Our Vacation

Skipper Rob-san

The record of kicking a bigger boat's ass! (Oops!)

Picture No.9 From Our Vacation

Skipper tA-nU-kI with Washington State Ferry (Just for fun!)

I am sitting like I do on a tatami mat in a Japanese way ;
folding my legs and putting my butt on back of my feet.
I never can not get rid of the part of Japanese manner,
whereever I am.

The Japanese sitting way is not good for sailing by the way.
Rob-san has asked me not to sit like that,
because it is not safe when the boat is heeled over...

Picture No.8 From Our Vacation

Our sail boat with a seagull, Lopez Island

Oct 3, 2008

Picture No.7 From Our Vacation

Beach at Spencer Spit, Lopez Island

Picture No.6 From Our Vacation

Our sail boat at Spencer Spit, Lopez Island

Picture No.5 From Our Vacation

Our sail boat in Fox Cove, Sucia Island

Picture No.4 From Our Vacation

A view from Sucia Island

Picture No.3 From Our Vacation

Rob-san and I bought a sail boat at the end of June.
That is why I got too busy to publish posts for last a few months.
We have been working on the boat very hard to make our cruising vacation
happen and also I had to learn how to sail.

There were some major maintainances to do,
although the boat has been taken care of very well by a former owner.

It was built in 1973.

No question.


We cruised in San Juan Islands for 10 days.
Sometimes we had winds. Sometimes we did not.
We tried to sail as much as possible.

Sailing is wonderful.

Using power of nature.
Having responsibility for our own safety.
Sometimes, relaxing.


Always something new to learn.

This is our boat, Yankee Doodle.

Oct 2, 2008

Picture No.2 From Our Vacation

Our sail boat & dinghy at Spencer Spit, Lopez Island

Picture No.1 From Our Vacation

Rob-san & our sail boat at Spencer Spit, Lopez Island