Dec 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

These are the presents Rob and I are going to exchange!
Since we didn't get a Christmas tree, our cactus got decorated
with pieces of cotton hehe!

This is a present my talented co-worker Kayla gave me!
She made it for me! The album which has our family name
and can hold 500 pictures will tell our history!
Thanks you very much Kayla!!! I really like it!

This is a stocking my employer Janet gave me!
The stocking contains several things such as a Starbucks gift card,
a pen, a bonus to use for buying clothes, an orange and so on!!!
Of all of the things, what makes me feel very special is a key to the new studio!
Thank you very much Janet! It was a plesant surprise!

Dec 21, 2006

Sweet Potato

Look, Aya! Anpanman Sweet Potato!!! Isn't it cute?

For the play day my work had today,
I made Anpanman Sweet Potato last night.
Nobody knows about Anpanman in the U.S..
But I chose to make the shape of Anpanman,
because I thought normal sweet potato's shape is boring
and my niece Aya would like it!
To make sweet potatoes, I bought Japanese sweet potatoes
at co-op. They were pretty sweet and tasty!
I am glad the co-op sells vegetables Japanese people love
to cook, such as daikon, Gobo, nasubi, and Kabocha.
Anyway, I worked on making something for my house
on the play day. It is almost done.
I have a little bit more work to do.
Hopefully, tomorrow, after work, I will be able to finish it.
Then, I can show it on this blog. I am so excitied!
I have never talked about my work or I have never shown
any pictures of things I make at work.
Pletty soon, I will!!!

Dec 17, 2006


Let me introduce a raccoon who visits our kitchen.
He ate two pieces of quiche we offered last night
and he is back this evening, with expectation of another
pieces of quiche. However, the quiche is gone. Sorry, raccoon...
We are offering raisins, egg and almonds now.
Since 5:30 pm, he has been here and asking us more food.
This kitchen is popular with not only his friends but also
squirrel & raccoon! ;)


I baked orange biscotti! :)
Biscotti is what Rob's dad Bob introduced to me,
when Rob and I camped with him.
Since then I started to buy biscotti often and enjoy it a lot!
I have had a biscotti recipe which Rob gave me
several months ago. I finally tried the recipe.
Yey! I have tons of biscotti to eat!
Happy! Happy!

Dec 12, 2006