Oct 26, 2006

Rob and Grey Jays

This is a picture of Rob playing with Grey Jays which
are also called "camp robbers".
We offered french bread and they willingly landed on our hands.
We enjoyed playing with them!

Table Mountain from Hayes Lake

Oct 25, 2006


These hats are for Rob's nephew Noah and niece Nadia.
Of course, I knitted :)

Oct 22, 2006

Backpacking trip

Rob with Mount Shuksan

We are back from our backpacking trip!
I will be able to show you a lot of pictures!
For tonight, I need to rest.
Thanks for visiting my blog!
And... Rob, thanks a lot for the wonderful time!

Oct 15, 2006

Oct 1, 2006

Autumn Color

These pumpkins are so huge.
Some of them are bigger than your hips! I am serious!
I have to say that I am still impressed by the size.
When am I used to seeing this huge American pumpkin?
Maybe, never.