Oct 27, 2007

A Hanglider & Chikens

Autumn Colors... Here And There

Pilings No.2

Pilings No.1

Corn Field In Autumn

A Slough

Rob-san Carrying His Tripod No.1

Today, Rob and I drove to Skagit County for taking pictures.
We spent four hours separately on walking and
taking pictures on a dike.
I am so excited about showing you some of the pictures I took!

Oct 26, 2007

Clouds Below Trees

Mt. Baker From High Divide

Wild Flower

Unkai 雲海

Does this look like a Chinese brush painting?!

Mt. Baker & The Moon

We had the full moon last night!
We want to remember to look up at the sky and enjoy the moon
wherever we are...

Mt. Baker & Unkai (Sea Of Clouds)

I have been uploading a lot of pictures of the Pacific Ocean
I took during the vacation Rob-san and I made at the end of September.
I do hope everybody enjoyed them!
Today, I want to upload pictures of Unkai which means
"Sea Of Clouds" in Japanese.
If anybody knows the English word to explain these kind of clouds,
please please leave a comment!