Sep 29, 2006

Sea Otter

A picture from the Vancouver Aquarium.
Sunbathing, nice!

Sep 27, 2006


I went down to Seattle by train by myself on September 25th.
I spent for about 8 hours in Seattle.
Having lunch at my favourite bookstore bar & cafe,
Shopping at The North Face,
enjoying Pike Place Market,
Knitting a hat with drinking tea at a tea shop I found,
and grocery shopping at Uwajimaya...
I did nothing special. Just like usual.
After my stay in Vancouver B.C.,
I have to say, Seattle is not a so exciting city anymore.
But there is a reason I had to go down to Seattle on the day,
I need to go down to Seattle next Monday AGAIN...
What was good is that I could knit a hat
by the time I was back home.
So, next Monday I will be able to knit another hat.
Who get those hat?
Fun to think about!

Sep 24, 2006

1st wedding anniversary

Rob and I had our first wedding anniversary yesterday!
To celebrate our special anniversary, we stayed a night
in Vancouver B.C.! Yes! Canada!!!! International trip!
But! Vancouver B.C. is only 40 miles away from Bellingham
where we live. Also, crossing the border between Canada and
U.S.A. can be done by car. Kind of strange to me.

We had a very wonderful time there.
We got a luxury room at The Westin Bayshore Vancouver
which was on the 16th floor and had a beautiful marina view.
We enjoyed a wondeful dinner at an Italian restaurant.
At night, we swam in the hotel pool and relaxed in the jacuzzi.
And today, we went to the aquarium!
Everything was just awesome!!!!!

This is the picture of me, standing on the balcony.

Rob-san, thanks for the wonderful time!